Node-RED Desktop


This is a desktop applicaiton of Node-RED




Download the binary file from download page


You can

And also,

You can use almost all powerful and useful Node-RED features

Node-RED-Desktop features

How to install Node-RED-Desktop

  1. Download the installer from release page.
  2. Run the installer.

How to use Node-RED

  1. the same way as Node-RED usage
  2. If you are a newbee, see Node-RED document.

How to publish the HTTP endpoint

  1. create a flow using “http in” and “http response” nodes and deploy it.
  2. click [Endpoint]-[Connect ngrok]
  3. you will get the domain such as
  4. access to the above public url.
    • CAVEAT Anyone can access to this endpoint, if you don’t configure httpNodeAuth in **[File Applicetion]-[Settings…]**

How to enable Node-RED projects feature

  1. go [File]-[Settings…]
  2. checked [Projects enabled]
  3. click [Restart to apply]

How to install additional nodes

from Public library

  1. click [Manage pallete]-[install]

from Unofficial site

  1. click [Tools]-[Add a remote node]
  2. input URL. (example:

from local disk

  1. click [Tools]-[Add a local node]
  2. select a node directory that includes package.json

If additional nodes does not work….

How to use excluded standard nodes

More information